Thanks for attending Medicine 2.0'14 - Fill in the evaluation form

Thanks for attending Medicine 2.0'14 in Maui - the conference is over and was a great success. If you attended, please let us know what you thought and how we can continue to improve the conference.

Evaluation form
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Special events - don't forget to book these extra

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News for Maui 2014

(updated Nov 7, 2104) The Malaga conference was successful and we are looking forward to the next Medicine 2.0 which is only weeks away!
  • The full Program is now available as PDF and the schedule for Maui is online. Presenters: Please check that your presentation is listed in the PDF (if not, contact us, and also, if you need to cancel your presentation, please let us know so we can remove your presentation from the program).
  • NEW: Farewell sunset and reviewer appreciation dinner on Friday 6pm sign up here
  • Thursday 13th, 5:30pm: Free reception
    included for all participants, guest tickets can be ordered here
  • We still have space for registrations. The Sheraton is fully booked for the conference dates, but there is space available in the Westin Maui and other nearby hotels. See also Maui Accommodation page.
  • Poster sizes: Note that the poster board size is up to 120 x 115 cm (h x w) for Maui. Actual posters can be smaller as long as they fit on the poster board.
  • The total presentation time for oral presentations (including Q&A) is 15 minutes (full oral) or 7 minutes (for rapid fire), so we recommend not more than 10-15 or 5-7 slides. Some sessions may not be full and have additional time for discussion, which should be used for discussion of all presentations. Prepare your talk in Powerpoint or Apple Keynote and bring them on a USB stick. The presentation computers will be Macs. If you are presenting, we recommend to come to the registration desk on Wednesday between 5-7pm (near the Wailuku ballroom) and copy your presentation on our presentation computers and check the presentation.
  • If you did not book the pre-conference Tutorial you can do this now through Eventbrite - for Maui we offer the 4-hour pre-conference tutorial Analyzing Twitter for Public Health Research
  • We are happy to announce Gary Kreps as new closing speaker for Maui ("Promoting Interactivity, Relational Sensitivity, and Immediacy with Artificial Intelligence").
  • Late breaking abstracts can still be submitted for a special session in Maui/Hawaii Nov 13-14, 2014
  • Volunteers can sign up here - if you travel with somebody who wants to help out, please make him/her sign up as volunteer!
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News for Maui and Malaga 2014

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Keynote: Answering Questions of Health and Medicine Using Internet Data

We are proud to announce Elad Yom-Tov from Microsoft Research as the Keynote Speaker at Medicine 2.0'14 in Maui.

The title of his keynote will be Answering Questions of Health and Medicine Using Internet Data, an emerging discipline also referred to as Infodemiology and Infoveillance.

Elad Yom-Tov is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research. He has published two books, over 60 papers (of which 3 were awarded prizes), and filed more than 30 patents (16 of which have been granted so far). His primary research interests are in large-scale Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, and Social Analysis. The results of his work have flown at four times the speed of sound, enabled people to communicate with computers using only their brain-waves, and analyzed the cellphone records of a significant portion of the worlds’ population.

Late abstract submissions for the Medicine 2.0 conference in Maui/Hawaii USA and Malaga/Spain are still open.
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Late-breaking abstracts still accepted


We are happy to announce that as of March 20th 2014, we have received over 400 submissions for Medicine 2.0'14 in Maui/Hawaii and Malaga/Spain. We are still considering late-breaking abstracts (only for those prospective speakers who have not submitted an abstract yet) for Maui (submit) and Malaga (submit) (to submit to both conferences in one step simply select "both" in the abstract submission form, but do not submit the same abstract to both).
We recommend to register now, to take advantage of the pre-program rates - (register for Maui or Malaga or both here).

Please note that only one oral presentation per conference and per participant is allowed, so please do not submit additional abstracts if you already submitted one (you can edit your abstract after peer-review).
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Deadline Extension for submissions and early bird rates until March 19th


We are happy to announce that we have received over 300 submissions for Medicine 2.0'14. Due to some minor technical glitches we are extending the abstract submission deadline until March 19th for Maui and Malaga (to submit to both conferences in one step simply select "both" in the abstract submission form, but do not submit the same abstract to both).
We are also extending the early bird rates (register for Maui or Malaga or both here).

Please note that only one oral presentation per conference and per participant is allowed, so please do not submit additional abstracts if you already submitted one.
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Full paper publication options for Medicine 2.0'14 presenters

Medicine 2.0 '14 in Malaga and Maui offers several exciting options for publication of the work presented at the Congress: (1) JMIR, the leading ehealth journal, (2) Medicine 2.0, a Pubmed-indexed journal specifically for Medicine 2.0 presenters and associated conferences, (3) the Pubmed-indexed journal JMIR Research Protocols for protocols, grant proposals, and ongoing work, (4) other specialty journals such as JMIR mHealth and uHealth, JMIR Serious Games or JMIR Medical Informatics.

After publication of the full paper, we will add a link from the abstract on the conference site to the full paper.
Click on Free Full Paper to see the published paper(s).

Click "more" for details.
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Important Information for med2 London 2013


Important Information for All Attendees - What to do before the conference

  • Remember you can pick up your registration material in advance on Sunday, Sep 22nd between 5-7pm at the Conference Center (Mermaid, Blackfriars), Lower River Room. If you are a presenter, you can also load your presentation and check it.

  • Book your dinner ticket for Monday, 23rd. Immediately after the free drinks reception on Monday following the first day, we have organized an optional self-funded dinner. If you want to participate, please book your ticket through this link. Guests/partners welcome.

  • Download the Final Program for 2013 as PDF (24MB) - plan ahead and mark the sessions you want to atttend

  • Abstracts iProceedings Booklet PDF - please load this on your iPad/computer, there will be no printed abstract books at the conference

  • Browse abstracts in advance on the med2 website and add those you are interested in to MySchedule.

  • Using the social network, connect to presenters and other attendees ahead of the conference

  • Download a QR scan app (e.g. QRReader) on your smartphone, so you can scan the badges of people you meet at the conference

  • If you haven't done so already, book your flight and hotel. See Venue and  Accommodation for a map and some hotel suggestions. The Mermaid conference center is in Central London at a subway line, so there are plenty of options apart from the suggested hotels.

Important Information for Presenters

  • The pre-final program and detailed schedule has been published on the #med2 website. If you are presenting, make sure your presentation is listed and that you are registered (registered authors are marked with *)

  • If your abstract has been accepted and you cannot attend/present, please withdraw your presentation using this form

  • The presentation computer is a Mac. Make sure to test your Powerpoint presentation on a Mac. In addition, we recommend to bring a PDF version of your presentation as backup. Please name your file using the format SESSION_START_TIME-NAME-DAY-ROOM.ppt, for example 4pm-Miller-Mon-Aud.ppt (Session starting at 4pm, presentation by Miller on Monday in Auditorium) or 10am-Smith-Tue-1 (Session starting at 10am, presentation by Smith on Tuesday in Room 1).

  • Book your dinner ticket for Monday, 23rd. Immediately after the free drinks reception on Monday following the first day, we have organized an optional self-funded dinner. If you want to participate, please book your ticket through this link. Guests/partners welcome.

  • We have accepted over 400 presentations (accepted abstracts are here), and all presenters have been notified.

  • Through the social network, login and connect with the other over 500 researchers and practitioners in the health/ehealth space (see list of registered attendees)

  • If you are a poster presenter, note that the poster size this year is 1m x 1m. Please print your poster and bring it to the conference. Don't forget to bring push-pins or velcro to mount your poster. Poster stands will be provided.

  • If you are an oral presenter, bring your powerpoint or keynote file on a USB flashdrive. Rapid fire presentations are 5 mins + 3 mins discussion + 2 mins transition (10 min slots), while full oral presentations are 10 mins + 3mins discussion + 2 min transition (15 min slots). Start-Up Pitches are 7 minutes, plus 5 minutes discussion and feedback from the panel (+2 minutes transition)

  • Table exhibitions and sponsorship opportunities (inserting leaflets into delegate bags etc.) are still available. 

Information for Session Chairs

  • Each session has a chair and a cochair. The cochair assumes chair responsibilities if the chair is unavailable.
  • You are requested to be present 15 minutes before the start of the session in the specified room. A room attendant and technician will be present for assistance.
  • Check, together with the assistant, whether all presentations have been properly loaded before the scheduled start of the session. The use of own computers is discouraged, make sure presenters copy their presentations on the presentation computer.
  • Make sure that all audiovisual equipment works before the start of the session.
  • Inquire with each author about any problem or change about the presentation.
  • Confirm the time allocation with the speakers and invite the presenters to strictly follow the limits and recommendations.
  • Unless instructed otherwise, rapid fire presentations are 5 mins + 3 mins discussion + 2 mins transition (10 min slots), while full oral presentations are 10 mins + 3mins discussion + 2 min transition (15 min slots).
    Please give the speaker an out-of-time warning after 10 minutes (5 minutes for rapid fire). Any speaking time exceeding 10 minutes (5 minutes) will be deducted from the discussion time.
  • Some sessions are not "full" and may have additional time (please do the math). It is at the discretion of the chair to decide whether this additional time should be used for discussion, or whether presenters get more presentation time. If you allow more presentation time, please communicate and discuss this with presenters before the session.
  • Introduce each speaker briefly (no time for a lengthy bio, just state name, affiliation, and presentation title).
  • While the presentations within a session are usually in no particular order, it should be avoided to switch presentations around, as some participants may only want to hear a specific talk, hence, the time schedule should be strictly followed.
  • Before or during the presentations, prepare/think about a question for the presenter if none come from the audience
  • Most important: keep speakers on track regarding their allotted time.
  • For your information: sessions may be audio recorded. Make sure the audience microphone (if available) is used if people ask questions, or have the speaker repeat the question.
  • Questions may be raised through twitter. If possible, follow the hashtag #med2 to read out any questions from participants
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Medicine 2.0'13 London Student Volunteer Opportunities

We are happy to announce that once again we offer volunteer opportunities, primarily for local students. Individuals interested in helping out at the conference, please register here (NOT open for speakers or already registered participants).  
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Order tickets for the conference dinner on Monday, Sept 23rd

We are organizing an upscale but informal (no suits!) social dinner immediately after the Medicine 2.0 drinks reception on Monday 23rd, most likely at the conference center (with view over the river Thames) or at one of the nearby hotels.
A great place to meet new and old colleagues and friends, and to continue social networking in a relaxed atmosphere.
Partners and guests welcome!

Note: Ticket is NOT included in the conference fee, thus tickets must be purchased by conference attendees.

Order tickets at
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Preliminary Schedule for med2 London published

The lineup of over 300 presentations at Medicine 2.0'13 is now published under Schedule. Presenters, please make sure your presentation appears in the schedule, and that there are no conflicts.

The schedule is still subject to change.

TIP FOR ATTENDEES: Browse abstracts online and use the "Add to my schedule" function. On your user homepage you can then keep track of the presentations you want to see (MySchedule)!
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UBhave conference follows Medicine 2.0

The UBhave Conference 2013 has been timed to follow Medicine 2.0 immediately, on September 25th in London. For further information check out the UBhave Conference 2013 website.  
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Our New, Fantastic Venue: Mermaid Conference Centre

Update, June 10th: We are thrilled to announce that due to the overwhelming success of the conference we have moved the venue from Kensington Town Hall to a larger (but still intimate mid-size) conference centre: The Mermaid Conference and Events Centre in central London at the banks of River Thames.

See venue and accommodation for more information.

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Possible venue change

Due to the overwhelming success of the conference and the number of registrations we are currently considering to move the venue from Kensington Town Hall to a larger conference centre (e.g. the Mermaid) in central London.
Please hold back with your hotel reservation until we announce the final venue end of May.
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Extended Deadline: Medicine 2.0'13 Abstract Submission Still Open

We received 355 abstracts as of March 7th, 2013 (the largest number of presentation proposals we ever received), but we will consider late submissions until March 21st (23:59 EST). Space is limited at this point, so late poster submissions, rapid-fire presentations, panel proposals with top-notch panelists, or tabletop presentations have the best chance of acceptance. If you already submitted an abstract, please do not submit another one, or a corrected version, as abstracts are already in review, and only one oral presentation per presenter is allowed.  
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Abstract submission for Medicine 2.0'13 now open

We now posted the Medicine 2.0'13 Call for papers and opened the site for abstract submissions. Once again, we expect around 400-500 ehealth researchers at Medicine 2.0, discussing Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Apps in Health and Medicine.
The deadline for abstract submissions is March 7th, 2013 March 21st, 2013.
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What to do before Medicine 2.0'12 Boston kicks off

Medicine 2.0'12 is less than 24 hours away - here is what to do before the conference

1. Download PDFs of the program and the abstracts to your iPad or laptop. As the abstracts book has almost 400 pages, there will be no printed copies at the conference. Read the program and the abstracts on the plane!

2. Use the MySchedule feature on our website to plan ahead on presentations you want to hear. With over 300 presentations and 4 parallel sessions it is essential to spend some thought on what you want to attend!

3. Browse the list of attendees/speakers and connect with those you want to meet through the Medicine 2.0 social network. We have almost 500 attendees from 36 countries this year!

4. Badges have QR codes linking to profile pages of attendees. If you are logged in, the connection will be logged ("I met this person") when you scan the QR code. Have your username/password for the website ready and download a QR-Reader software on your smartphone/iPad (search the app store for "QR"). This enables you to scan in the badges of people you meet and connect with them on the social network.

5. Come to the conference center between 5-7pm today (Friday Sep 14th) and pick up your delegate bag and program.
If you are presenting tomorrow morning, you can also already load your presentation on our presentation Macs.

6. BTW - Medicine 2.0'12 in Boston is sold out at this point with almost 500 participants. However, we will be webcasting the auditorium - point friends and colleagues to webcast registration to sign up

7. If you are still preparing your presentation, make sure you read the Instructions for Presenters
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Medicine 2.0'12 Boston Updates

Medicine 2.0'12 in Boston - only a few days away!


1. The final program for Medicine 2.0'12 can be downloaded via the Schedule.

Some users have reported problems with navigating our pages with Internet Explorer - we are currently looking into this. In the meantime, we recommend Firefox, Safari or Chrome.
The PDF version of the program is at

Download Final Program PDF (18MB)

2. We are looking forward to see some of you at the Pre-conference mixer with local entrepreneurs at the Venture Cafe on Thursday. See online schedule for details.

3. If you are arriving on Friday, we strongly suggest to pick up your registration package already on Friday - with almost 500 participants we are expecting some lines on Saturday.

The registration desk is open on Friday 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM at the conference centre (77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston).
On Saturday, the registration desk opens at at 07:00 AM.

4. We have only a handfull of tickets left for Medicine 2.0'12 in Boston, so at the this time, so there will be no on-site registrations, however, webcast registrations are still possible, even during the conference.

At this time the badges and the final program are in press and we no longer accept changes to any registration data or presentations. Still, do let us know if you cannot make your presentation, so we can inform the respective session chairs ahead of time.

5. If you are presenting - oral or poster - please make sure you have read the Instructions for Presenters

6. If you missed this years' conference, make sure to join us in London, England, next year! Note the date: September 23-24, 2013. Abstract Submission Deadline: March 7th, 2013

We look forward seeing you in Boston to the most packed Medicine 2.0 program ever!

Medicine 2.0'12 organizing committee
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Next Medicine 2.0'13 conference in London UK

If you missed this years' astonishing Medicine 2.0'12 program, make sure you don't miss next years' Medicine 2.0'13 conference in London. Mark your calendar! Sep 23-24, 2013 (Abstract Submission Deadline: March 7th).  
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Full paper publication options for Medicine 2.0 presenters

Medicine 2.0 '12 in Boston at Harvard will have several exciting options for publication of the work presented at the Congress: (1) JMIR, the leading ehealth journal, (2) Medicine 2.0, a new journal specifically for Medicine 2.0 presenters and associated conferences, (3) the new JMIR Research Protocols for protocols, grant proposals, and ongoing work. Click "more" for details.  
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Information for presenters at Medicine 2.0'12

All presenters: Check the online schedule and verify that your presentation is listed here, and that you have no conflicts regarding your presentation time. If your presentation is not in the schedule, login and check the abstract archive for your submission - click on the abstract title and review the director/author email log. If your abstract has been accepted, but is not listed, verify that you are registered for the conference. If you are, and the abstract was accepted, but is not listed, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.

Attention Poster-Presenters: Note that the poster format is max. 4 ft. x 4 ft., or 122cm x 122cm- note that this is smaller format than at previous Medicine 2.0 conferences!

For further information if you are presenting at Medicine 2.0'12 in Boston click "more".
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Tentative Schedule Online

While we are still fine-tuning the program, we have released a tentative schedule - the most dense and amazing #med2 program ever!

If you login, go to the abstract page (click any title link) and add your favorite presentations to MySchedule, which will make it easier for you to keep track of the presentations you want to hear.

Participants arriving early note that there is a pre-event social mixer on Thursday evening (in addition to the official conference reception on Saturday evening), and a Healthcamp un-conference on Friday. Please also plan to pick up your registration package on Friday before the conference.

If you haven't done so already, make sure you register (we have less than 50 tickets left!).

We also have a new registration option for those who cannot make it to Boston: Webcast Registration! Watch a live-stream of the presentations in the auditorium (and access the recorded sessions afterwards).

Please be advised that most of the hotels in the area are nearly booked out, so if you haven't done so already, book your hotel room!
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Volunteers Wanted

Medicine 2.0'12 is now accepting applications for volunteers (preferably students) who want to help out a minimum of 10 hours at the conference, in exchange for a free ticket.
Please fill in this application form before Jul 31st, 2012
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Medicine 2.0'12 News: (Almost) all presenters informed

Almost all submitters have now been informed about the outcome of their submissions.
If you did not get a message, it is likely that a spam filter has eaten it - in this case, please login at and click on the abstract title (you may have to go to "Archive" first). Then click on the icon next to "Director/Author Email Record" to retrieve the email we sent you.
Please carefully review the reviewer comments and edit the abstract within 2 weeks. Failure to do so may lead to a loss of your presentation slot.
Also, we require all presenters to register within 2 weeks (login and click on the registration link). Again, failure to do so may lead to a loss of your presentation slot, as we will only add presentations of registered participants to the program.
We have accepted some great presentations:

  • 105 oral presentations
  • 67 rapid fire presentations
  • 11 panels
  • 7 start-up pitches
  • 5 tabletop demos
  • 125 poster presentations
  • an additional 23 presentations are still under review or require the author to make revisions before final acceptance

If you submitted an abstract but cannot find your abstract in the list on the website, this does NOT mean that it has been rejected. Please login and read the notification email. If the decision was "accepted with revisions" then we may post the abstract only after you addressed the reviewer comments.

This will truly be a remarkable congress!
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Medicine 2.0'12 News - March 30th, 2012

Medicine 2.0 - 5th World Congress on Social Media, Mobile Health, and Internet/Web 2.0 in Medicine and Health
Boston, Sept 15-16th, 2012

1. Abstract acceptance notifications
We are starting to send out abstract acceptance notifications - but don't panic if you haven't heard from us yet, we are about 30% done - to go through 350 submissions takes time.
We hope to have all decisions sent out by mid-April.

2. What a program!
To get a sense of the high quality talks and presentations we will have in the program, have a look at already accepted abstracts at
and at the speakers who already registered at !
And this is only one third of it...
(To add yourself to this list of attendees, simply register - if you also authored or coauthored an accepted abstract, you will automatically show up in the speaker list).

3. Help us to review!
Some abstracts still don't have enough reviews - if you indicated your willingness to review, please check pending submissions at
in case our review request emails didn't go through!
Please remember to comment on whether a presentation should be accepted as full oral, short oral (rapid fire) or poster presentation.
Thanks for your help and happy reviewing!

4. Book early (registration, hotel, flight...)
With over 350 submissions we expect to sell out early - please register as soon as possible by logging in at
and clicking the registration link.
Remember that rates are still low and will go up once the final program is posted.
Also, there is a limited number of hotels in the area - make your reservation early! See
If you want to look into flights, plan to arrive on Friday Sept 14th, as we will start around 8am on Sat, Sept 15th. We will end in the later afternoon on Sun, Sept 16th (around 5pm?).

We look forward seeing you in Boston

Your med2 Organizing Committee
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340 Abstracts received - thank you!

The response to our Medicine 2.0'12 Call for Abstracts was amazing and broke all records - this year we received over 340 abstracts - a 226% increase over last years' Medicine 2.0 at Stanford.
Thank you! This will be a great conference! Given the response we now anticipate that the conference will sell out (the space is limited to about 400 participants), so we suggest to register early to secure your ticket and also to benefit from the pre-program rate (once the program is published, rates will go up).

For those who have submitted abstracts, we anticipate to send out notifications end of March/early April. Please login to check the status of your submission if you have not heard from us by mid-April (your spamfilter may have eaten our notification email).

Once your abstract has been accepted, you have 2 weeks to register for the conference. Due to the limited speaking slots and large number of submissions, we ask you to register immediately to confirm your participation - failure to register may lead to loss of the speaking slot.
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Deadline Extension: Grace period for abstract submission 1 week (14 March 2012)

Almost 300 abstracts have been submitted so far for Medicine 2.0'12. To accommodate authors who had technical problems submitting their abstract, we are leaving the submission system open for an additional week.
The final deadline for regular abstract submissions is Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 March 14th, 2012 (see Call for abstracts).

Authors who have already submitted an abstract should refrain from submitting a second or edited version of their submission, because peer-review of the submissions has already started.

Certain abstract types (expo tables etc.) may still be submitted after this deadline, but are dependent on space/slot availability.
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Ability for authors to edit their abstracts will stay open until July 15th, 2012

Medicine 2.0'12 has revised its timelines to allow authors of "research in progress" to edit their submitted abstracts (if they are accepted) until July 15th, 2012. This was announced today by the organizing committee of the 5th World Congress on Social Media, Mobile Apps, and Internet/Web 2.0 in Medicine and Health, which will take place in Boston on Sept 15-16th, 2012. "The Web and mHealth are fast moving fields, so it makes sense to break with some of the inflexible traditions of traditional academic conferences, where an abstract that is somewhat vague on results would just be rejected", says Gunther Eysenbach, producer of the Medicine 2.0 conference series. "For a conference in this field, innovation is as important as rigorous research, and we see value in having people present ongoing work." Apart from having the practice and the business track, where the emphasis is on innovation, the new late abstract editing deadline allows authors of submitted abstracts in the research track, which at the time of submission in March merely promised results (but don't have them yet), to add results to their abstract as late as 8 weeks before the conference.
Research abstracts which contain the phrase "research in progress" will typically initially be accepted as poster or as oral rapid fire presentation. If more results are added by the July 15th deadline, and the author requests a longer presentation, the program committee may upgrade the format, provided the results are interesting enough to justify a full presentation, and space permitting.
The deadline for regular abstract submissions is Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 March 14th, 2012 (see Call for abstracts). Late breaking research results may be submitted after the deadline as poster or 5-minute rapid fire presentation until all speaking slots are filled, but this will be on a space-availability basis only, and for best chance of acceptance, submit your abstract by the deadline here.

Note for authors who have already submitted their abstract: You cannot edit your abstract while it is under peer-review (which starts immediately after submission). In order to edit your abstract, you have to wait for the initial decision letter (end March/beginning of April).
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Interview about Medicine 2.0

iMedicalApps has published an exclusive interview with the founder and producer of the Medicine 2.0 series, Gunther Eysenbach MD MPH FACMI, a professor at the University of Toronto. Read the full interview at  
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iMedicalApps & Medicine 2.0 mHealth Research Award

iMedicalApps and the 2012 Medicine 2.0 congress are announcing the iMedicalApps & Medicine 2.0 mHealth Research Award, to be presented at the September 2012 Medicine 2.0 Congress.

Medicine 2.0 is the premier conference for health, medicine and biomedical researchers and clinicians on social media, mobile apps, and internet/web 2.0.

The abstract submission deadline of March 7 is rapidly approaching, so applicants are encouraged to apply soon!

Medicine 2.0 is proud to partner with on this - a leading mhealth publication. Details of the award are below and can also be found on the Awards Page. The abstract submission page can be found on the conference website (see Call for Abstracts).

The range and breadth of clinical research is rapidly expanding, with many high quality studies now being published in peer reviewed journals.

The iMedical Apps & Medicine 2.0 mHealth Research Award will consist of $500 in cash, a medical app bundle worth more than $200 and a feature article on iMedicalApps, after the conference.

To qualify for this award, the research should pertain to the use of mobile or wireless technologies in the diagnosis or treatment of disease, healthcare professional communication/care coordination or clinician-directed wellness behavior modification. Papers on telehealth or remote health monitoring will also be considered. Submitting researchers will also adapt their abstract for to be published on iMedicalApps in advance of the conference. A checkbox on the abstract submission page will allow for designation as mobile health research.

Full eligibility criteria are available on the Medicine 2.0 conference website.
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ePatient inclusion at Medicine 2.0


(Logo credits: Lucien Engelen, one of the co-organizers of Medicine 2.0'10 in Maastricht)

Medicine 2.0 has a long history of including patients.
One of our first keynote speakers at Medicine 2.0'09 was Epatient Dave (Dave DeBronkart), who subsequently became a rockstar of the epatient movement (and we are proud of having played a role in this).
Dave is also on the scientific advisory board of Medicine 2.0'12, and will once again speak - the tentative title of his 2012 talk is "Gimme my damn data - 3 years later" - a follow up of his talk in Toronto 2009.
(And Jamie Heywood - cofounder and chairman of PatientsLikeMe - will be a keynote speaker at Medicine 2.0'12 - few other companies had such a revolutionary impact on the empowerment of epatients).

About a dozen or so epatients were present at all previous Medicine 2.0 conferences, with reduced or waived registration fees.

We are also happy to announce that in 2012 we are once again giving free tickets to qualified epatients (NO healthcare professionals, healthcare students, CEO's of startups etc. please). Epatients interested in participating, please submit an application here. (space is limited - if you want to be sure to attend, we recommend to find a specific sponsor).

In addition, we are actively soliciting sponsors for epatients (who will be acknowledged).
Moreover, in our registration form, participants can check an option to register for an epatient they know, sponsoring his/her registration fee.

Dave Debronkart and Gunther Eysenbach
(Keynote speaker Epatient Dave (Dave DeBronkart) at Medicine 2.0'09 [with Gunther Eysenbach])

(Epatients at Medicine 2.0'11)
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James Heywood, Co-Founder of PatientslikeMe, at Medicine 2.0'12

We are thrilled to announce that James (Jamie) Heywood, one of the co-founders of Patientslikeme, has confirmed as one of the keynote speakers at Medicine 2.0'12 in Boston. Details to follow.  
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JMIR Medicine 2.0 papers from Stanford conference

The Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), the leading journal in eHealth with an Impact Factor of 4.7, is the official journal of the Medicine 2.0 congress series and workshops/events/summits produced under this brand.
Today, JMIR is proud to publish the first full paper based on a presentation at Medicine 2.0'11 in Stanford.

It is based on the award winning presentation of Bassam Kadry at Medicine 2.0'11, and can be found as full paper here:

Kadry B, Chu LF, Kadry B, Gammas D, Macario A
Analysis of 4999 Online Physician Ratings Indicates That Most Patients Give Physicians a Favorable Rating
J Med Internet Res 2011;13(4):e95
doi: 10.2196/jmir.1960

The Multimedia Appendix in this paper is a video of his Medicine 2.0 talk, and is also published as Medicine 2.0/JMIR podcast on itunes.

Thanks you to all other presenters who have already submitted a full paper of their talk to JMIR or the Medicine 2.0 Proceedings.
Over the course of the next months, these papers will appear either in JMIR or in the Medicine 2.0 Proceedings (as Stanford was unable to sponsor a "Theme Issue" this year, these papers will appear within regular JMIR issues as soon as they are accepted).

For details on the Medicine 2.0/JMIR partnership see the Call for Papers which was handed out to all presenters at Medicine 2.0'11 in Stanford (our apologies that the CfP did not make it into the program booklet this year).

A short reminder for Medicine 2.0'11 presenters: If you want to take advantage of the significant Article Processing Fee discount for Medicine 2.0 presenters, the deadline to submit the full paper to JMIR is within 2 months after the conference, which is November 18th, 2011.

Missed the submission deadline for full papers? No problem! Presenters can submit thir full paper to JMIR at any time later after the deadline, but will then not be able to take advantage of the Article Processing Fee discount. Or submit to the Medicine 2.0 Proceedings (within 6 months after the conference, deadline March 18th, 2012).
Posted: 2011-11-16 More...

How to use the QR Codes on the badges


Medicine 2.0 attendees will note QR codes on Medicine 2.0 badges, which contain a URL to the profile page of each participant (or another URL which attendees specified when they registered). Use an iphone/android app like Redlaser to scan he badge of the person you are talking to.
We combined this powerful tool with the Medicine 2.0 Social Network, which means not only can you see the profile of the person you are chatting with when you scan the QR code, but that person is also automatically added to your personal profile page as a "user you have met"...
Apart from having a nice logbook of who you met at #med2, you can use this to expose your contact information (email address) selectively to people you met or you added as colleagues or friends. Business cards are so out...
Let's see who wins the award for making most connections at Medicine 2.0!

(Note: When you make a connection for the first time, after scanning the QR code you will have to login so the relationship can be stored. Before the conference starts, make sure you have your username/pw handy - use the "forgot password" option if not. Also, before the congress starts, edit your profile to review/change your privacy preferences - we recommend to show at least your name, affiliation and country publicly to all visitors so you appear on the attendee list, but make your contact information only available to people you connect with. BY DEFAULT, YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS NOT VISIBLE TO YOUR CONNECTIONS, SO MAKE SURE YOU ENABLE THIS SO PEOPLE WHOM YOU BEFRIEND CAN GET IN TOUCH).
Posted: 2011-09-16 More...

The Medicine 2.0 Social Network

The Medicine 2.0 Social Network on this site allows all users of this website to create a profile page and to add relationships with other users, speakers, or attendees of the conference. To become a member of the network you do not have to be a attendee, simply create an account here. While the med2sn is already operational since about 5 months, we just now have added email notifications to the system, i.e. whenever somebody creates a relationship with a user, this user will receive a notification. This can be controlled via Edit My Profile (in addition, there is a URL in the notification email which allows the user to suppress these notifications.

As a starting point for the med2sn, click on the menu point SPEAKERS/PARTICIPANTS, and connect to past and current Medicine 2.0 presenters, or click on the list of ABSTRACTS to connect to users with similar research interests (click on the author names to see the authors' profile).

To learn more about the Medicine 2.0 Social Network, read this blog entry.
Posted: 2011-09-02 More...

Where should Medicine 2.0'12 be hosted?

Help us to find a venue for Medicine 2.0'12 !  
Posted: 2011-09-02 More...

Medicine 2.0 Social Network

(the following announcement was sent out by email to all users in the Medicine 2.0 database on July, 20th, 2011. Note that we are phasing out the crowdvine social network and use an "in-house" social network instead)

Given that the abstracts for Medicine 2.0'12 are now posted
we wish to remind presenters and participants that the Medicine 2.0 website
has a "mini-social networking" facility allowing you to connect with others
before the conference.

(From the abstracts, click on any presenter name to see his/her profile)

Please take a moment to check your profile information and also to check if
you are signed up for email notifications regarding Stanford 2011.

In your profile settings, there are some additional privacy checkboxes
which allow you to determine whether your profile should be visible on our
website (and also in the QR code of the conference badge at Stanford).

1. Go to your USER HOME and then the profile page
(reset your password if you forgot it)

2. Check your notification preference checkboxes: Opt in or opt out of any
future email notifications for past or future Med2 conferences. We will NOT
send any future mailings about Stanford 2011 & beyond unless the respective
checkmark is checked.

3. Change the privacy settings for your public profile and QR badge

4. Optionally: Upload your picture! (required if you want to attend
Stanford - pics will be on the badges)

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns - and we look
forward seeing you in Stanford.


Gunther Eysenbach MD MPH
Medicine 2.0 Producer
Posted: 2011-08-29 More...

Registration for Medicine 2.0'11 at Stanford opens

Social media and mobile computing have transformed daily life and our ability to communicate. Now, those technologies are sparking new patient-caregiver relationships and innovative biomedical research.

Leading figures using social media and mobile computing applications to create wellness and new ways of delivering health care will meet at the Stanford University School of Medicine Sept. 16-18 for the Fourth World Congress on Social Media and Web 2.0 in Health, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, also known as Medicine 2.0.

Registration for the limited-seating conference at the medical school’s Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge opened April 1 at

“We’ll have the world’s experts presenting scientific studies to help people understand how best to use Web 2.0 and social media for health,” said Larry Chu, MD, an assistant professor of anesthesia at the School of Medicine who is the organizing chair of the conference. “People interested in what’s happening now at the bleeding-edge of Medicine 2.0 will learn all of that at the congress.”

This is the first time the Medicine 2.0 congress will be held in the United States. It will take place the second and third day of the conference — Sept. 17 and 18 — and will feature data-driven studies of the latest projects applying Web 2.0 and mobile computing applications to health, patient care and biomedical research. Reflecting the global nature of information technologies, the organizers expect people from more than 25 countries to participate. More than 150 research presentations have been submitted. In addition to the research track, there will be practice and business tracks.

To take advantage of Stanford's position as an incubator of Silicon Valley innovation, the conference organizers have devoted an day to gather leading thinkers and innovators from this region and beyond to discuss the development and use of technologies aimed at transforming biomedical research and health promotion. It will provide physicians and health researchers an opportunity to interact with software developers, private investors, public funding agencies, Silicon Valley executives and Web-savvy patients.

“I can't think of a better location than Stanford for Medicine 2.0,” said Chu. “We’re in the heart of Silicon Valley. This is where so much of the technology is being developed and where incredible innovation happens.”

The cost for registering is $1,388, though some discounts and scholarships are available. Also, the amount can be prorated for those who do not wish to attend all three days.

Confirmed speakers include: Lee Aase, head of The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media; Charlie Cheever, co-founder of Quora and formerly with Facebook and; Thomas Goetz, MPH, executive editor of Wired magazine; along with presentations by many prominent e-health bloggers and writers. The Stanford Summit will be kicked off with a talk by Abraham Verghese, MD, bestselling author of Cutting for Stone and The Tennis Partner and a professor of medicine at Stanford. The Medicine 2.0 congress keynote speeches will be given by Jennifer Aaker, PhD, a professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and author of The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective Ways to Harness Social Media for Impact; Susannah Fox, the leader of health research at the Pew Internet and American Life Project; and Dan Zarella, a social media scientist.

Medicine 2.0 is an annual conference that was convened in Toronto in 2008 and 2009, followed by last year’s event in Maastricht, Netherlands. Medicine 2.0 was started by Gunther Eysenbach MD, MPH, an associate professor of health policy, management and evaluation at the University of Toronto and editor and publisher of the Journal of Medical Internet Research. He is also a member of the scientific program committee for this year’s event.

(Source: Stanford University, Media Release)
Posted: 2011-04-08 More...

Request for Proposals: Hosts/Organizers for 2012 Conference (or Workshop/Tutorial)

Request for Proposals:
Medicine 2.0’13/'14 (Spring/Fall) Conferences &
Medicine 2.0® Workshops/Tutorials 2012-2014

The Medicine 2.0® conference series – organized in 2008 and 2009 in Toronto, in 2010 in Maastricht, in 2011 in Stanford, and 2012 in Boston at Harvard – continues to go viral and continues to grow. We have successfully developed the Medicine 2.0. “brand” which is now associated with a premier knowledge translation event in the field of emerging technology and participatory, collaborative, open healthcare. Medicine 2.0® is not only a conference series, but also a digital media series (Medicine 2.0® proceedings, podcast/itunes and YouTube channels), which are used to disseminate talks beyond the audience physically attending the conference.
Hosting the Medicine 2.0® conference will allow organizations to position themselves as leaders in the field, and help them showcasing local research, development, and business to a global audience.
Apart from building on an existing brand, partnering with Medicine 2.0® allows hosts/organizers to tap into an existing community of almost 40.000 JMIR subscribers and almost 2.000 individuals in the Medicine 2.0 database. Starting in 2011, the Medicine 2.0® conference website will allow social networking of past and present participants, see for example, and an iphone/ipad app is also in preparation.

Medicine 2.0® events are cutting-edge, innovative conferences and workshops dedicated to improving health and health care using information and communication technologies, with a focus on web-based technologies and social media. Medicine 2.0® events “walk the talk” in terms of trying to maximize the use of social media in preparation for, during and after the event.

Our values include openness, a non-commercial approach, and an “evidence-based” content, beyond the hype often presented in health 2.0 tradeshows.

Starting in 2013, we are planning a spring conference in Europe, and a fall conference in the North America, hosted by a local organizing committee, and supported centrally by the original, core Medicine 2.0® team (“producer”). The website will remain at, and the submission and dissemination process will remain centralized, to ensure consistent standards and quality. Organizers interested in becoming involved in hosting these large main conferences are invited to contact the producer to request the full Medicine 2.0 Conference 2013-2015 RFP document.

While the spring/fall conference remain the main events, we are now also considering to promote smaller workshops and tutorials under the Medicine 2.0 label. Organizers interested in organizing smaller events should contact the producer for to request the full Workshop/Tutorial RFP document.

Contact: Gunther Eysenbach (login to view contact details on the profile page)
Posted: 2011-03-31 More...

Deadline extended until March 15th, 2011

Due to overwhelming interest in Stanford Medicine 2.0 and numerous requests, we have decided to extend the abstract submission deadline to March 15, 2011 in order to allow all interested individuals an opportunity to complete applications to the conference.

Stanford Medicine 2.0 will provide an outstanding opportunity to present your research, practice or business on web 2.0, social media and information technology in health, medicine and biomedical science to a large international audience of experts in the field. Confirmed speakers for the conference include: Jennifer Aaker, Dan Zarella, Susannah Fox, Howard Rheingold, Lee Aase, Michael Conlon, Alan Greene, Bryan Vartabedian, Jay Parkinson, Wendy Sue Swanson, BJ Fogg and many more!

Please submit your best work to Stanford Medicine 2.0 today so you don't miss this outstanding conference! Our final abstract deadline is March 15, 2011.
Posted: 2011-03-02 More...

See in real-time what is being submitted!

As usual for Medicine 2.0, we are feeding all submissions (author and titles) into various RSS feeds and into Twitter:

- the RSS feed at contains the most recent submissions (slightly delayed)
- the RSS feed at shows all activities on Medicine 2.0 gathered from several RSS feeds
- please follow Medicine 2.0 on Twitter ( - you'll also see abstract submissions, blog posts, facebook posts, user registrations etc in that feed!

Tip: Add these RSS feeds to your iGoogle homepage or favorite newsreader! (the URLs are permanent, i.e. will also be used for future Medicine 2.0 conferences).

Submitters are reminded to check their privacy settings in their user profile - the display of your submitted abstract can be suppressed by unchecking the respective checkbox.
Posted: 2011-03-01 More...

Please update your profile and privacy settings

Given that the abstract submission deadline for Medicine 2.0'11 in Stanford is less than two weeks away, please take a moment to check your profile information and also to check if you are signed up for email notifications regarding Stanford 2011.

We also made some important changes to the privacy settings. As we are planning to create a mini-social networking site on the med2 site with public profiles of participants and users, there are some additional privacy checkboxes which allow you to determine whether your profile should be visible on our website (and also in the QR code of the conference badge at Stanford).

1. Go to your USER HOME and then the profile page
(reset your password if you forgot it)

2. Check your notification preference checkboxes: Opt in or opt out of any future email notifications for past or future Med2 conferences. We will NOT send any future mailings about Stanford 2011 unless the respective checkmark is checked.

3. Change the privacy settings for your public profile and QR badge

4. Optionally: Upload your picture! (required if you want to attend Stanford - pics will be on the badges)


Gunther Eysenbach MD MPH
Medicine 2.0 Producer
Posted: 2011-02-18 More...

Mark your calendar for Stanford 2.0'11

The Medicine 2.0 Congress in Maastricht is over - next is Stanford!
Mark your calendar:
Medicine 2.0'11: Fourth World Congress on Social Media and Web 2.0 Applications in Medicine and Health
September 16th-18th, 2011, Stanford University

Abstract Submission Deadline: March 1st, 2011
Preregister now (get on our mailing list) by clicking the "content alert" checkbox in your profile at
Posted: 2010-12-02 More...

Call for full papers for Medicine 2.0'10 ('08/'09) presenters

We are thrilled to announce new publishing venues (for example the Medicine 2.0 Proceedings) and a 3-tiered publication strategy, which will allow all current, past and future Medicine 2.0 presenters to disseminate the full text of their work and presentations widely, and – if presenters wish – even get their full paper or an edited transcript of their presentation deposited in PubMed Central and PubMed indexed. For more information and a detailed Call for Papers (for Med2 presenters only) see  
Posted: 2010-11-27 More...

Information for presenters and participants

Already 300 participants
have registered, coming from 22 countries!

General Information for participants can be found through the link:

In order to prepare your presentation (oral or poster) during Medicine
2.0’10, we would like to inform you that you can find and download the
instructions from

Should any questions remain, please do not hesitate to contact us through
the congress secretariat, Marita Mantle-Kloosterboer,

We wish you successful preparations and look forward meeting you in

With kind regards,
Local Organisers of Medicine 2.0’10
Posted: 2010-11-23 More...

Medicine 2.0'10 Registration is now open

09/July/2010. Registration for Medicine 2.0'10 in Maastricht is now open - note that the early bird registration deadline is July 31st, 2010. The organizers invite participants to bring their partner(s) to the welcome reception free of charge - please select the number of tickets required in the registration form. Also offered is a social program for partners which can be ordered at the time of registration - for more information see Social Program.

To register for Medicine 2.0'10 today, please login, complete your profile information (this is important as this will be used for your badge), and then click Registration to order your tickets and pay online.
Posted: 2010-07-09 More...

Abstract Submission for Medicine 2.0'10 now open

Medicine 2.0’10: 3rd World Congress on Social Media and Web 2.0 in Health, Medicine, and Biomedical Research
on November 29-30, 2010 in Maastricht, The Netherlands.


DEADLINE: May 31st, 2010

As of today, abstract submissions for the Medicine 2.0'10 congress in Maastricht are open.

As in previous years, Medicine 2.0'10 will contain a mix of traditional academic/research, practice and business presentations, keynote presentations, and panel discussions to discuss emerging issues. We strive for an interdisciplinary mix of presenters from different countries and disciplines (e.g. health care, social sciences, computer sciences, engineering, business) and with a different angle (research, practice, and business).
Participants are invited to either submit a 500 word abstract to propose a 15 minute single-presenter talk, or can submit a a 500 word panel proposal to present or discuss a topic in a 45-60 min session with 3-4 colleagues from other organizations/institutions.

For details see Call for Abstracts.
Posted: 2010-04-16 More...

Date & Location for Medicine 2.0'10

The Medicine 2.0® conference – in 2008 and 2009 hosted in Toronto – goes global and will in 2010 be organized in Europe. The University of Twente (UT), the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (UMCN) and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) will host Medicine 2.0 Europe November 29-30, 2010 in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Medicine 2.0® Europe will be supported by the core Medicine 2.0® team in cooperation with scientists from UT, UMCN and RIVM; the website will remain at, and the submission and dissemination process will remain centralized.
Medicine 2.0 Europe will serve as an umbrella for REshape (Fall edition, UMCN) and the ‘Supporting health by technology’ (IIIrd edition) symposium series (University of Twente, RIVM).
Posted: 2010-02-16 More...

Medicine 2.0'09 Post-Conference News (don't miss 2010/2011!)

Medicine 2.0'09 is over and it was a truly outstanding event. Now make sure
you don't miss information on the forthcoming Medicine 2.0'10 and 2.0'11

While the buzz and conversations on twitter (#med2) and on the blogosphere
continues (see for example this blog), a few news and updates:

1. Official blog
Each presentation at Medicine 2.0'09 was blogged about on
Presenters, please review the blog post and comment on the blogs / add
Blogs were written by health informatics students (and we have to grade
them!) - so please give them and us some feedback on the accuracy and
informativeness of the posts.

2. Photos: You can view a slideshow of 2009 photos at
Photos 2009

The photos are also available on FlickR here.

and can be used freely in blog-posts, articles etc (with attribution).

3. Twitter: All tweets with #med2 hashtag have been archived at

Medicine 2.0'09 provided extra screens to broadcast the twitter stream live
to the conference audience. If you were at the conference, please
participate in the following poll:

Did you like the idea of twitter screens?

4. Slideshare: An event page has been created and we are asking all
presenters to upload their slide-deck here:
Medicine 2.0'09 Event on Slideshare

We will also upload the presentations we have, but this will take a few

5. Podcast/itunes: Presentations have been audio and video-recorded, and we
will make them accessible over the course of the next 12 months (we still
want people to go to the Medicine 2.0 congress, so the participants heard it
An audio-podcast of last years' Medicine 2.0'08 is now available at
If you have itunes, enter
in your browser, and subscribe to the Medicine 2.0 podcast. Please also
enter a podcast rating!

6. We are currently negotiating with two academic groups interesting in
hosting Medicine 2.0 in 2010 and 2011, respectively. These venues - one in
Europe, one in North-America, will excite you!
To stay tuned and to receive updates via email, please login at the Medicine 2.0 site, go to your profile page and mark
the 2010/2011 checkboxes (email notification). IMPORTANT: If you received
updates for the 2009 congress this does not mean you will automatically
receive updates on future conferences. Your 2010/20111 checkboxes must be
switched on (by default they are off)!

Thanks to everybody for making Medicine 2.0'09 such a resounding success.
To stay informed, sign up for the 2010 and 2011 mailing lists by changing your

Gunther Eysenbach
Chair, Medicine 2.0'09
& Conference Series Producer

"I'd never been to #Med2 Medicine 2.0, but I haven't yet seen a medical
conference with such a constant stream of good stuff" (ePatientDave)
Posted: 2009-09-22 More...

Final Program and Proceedings now available for download


The Conference is less than a week away and we are all getting very excited!

- The Medicine 2.0 Final Program and Proceedings (PDFs) are now published at ! (will go to print tomorrow - if you find errors, please let us know immediately)

- We are happy to announce that Chia Hwu from has joined the "Young Innovators Panel"

- we quietly added Medicine 2.0 Session chairs added to the schedule - if you are listed as chair, make sure you are available (primary role of chairs is to introduce speakers and to monitor time)

- Information for presenters is at

- If you are interested in organizing the spring 2010 Medicine 2.0 conference, you have 5 more days to submit a proposal - RFP is at

- If you haven't registered yet, online registration closes soon - and there is an extra $100 fee for on-site registration - so register now at !

- take advantage of the social network to make pre-conference connections (connect to people you'd like to meet):

- contact us if you want to become an official blogger on our blog site:

Looking forward seeing you soon!
Posted: 2009-09-10 More...

Request for Proposals: Seeking Local Organizers for Medicine 2.0’10 and Medicine 2.0’11 Conferences


The Medicine 2.0® conference – organized in 2008 and 2009 in Toronto – will go on a world-tour and goes global and viral. Starting in 2010, Medicine 2.0 conferences will be locally organized in different countries/venues, branded as regional conferences (Medicine 2.0-EUROPE or Medicine 2.0-ASIA), supported centrally by the original, core Medicine 2.0® team (the website will remain at, and the submission and dissemination process will remain centralized, to ensure consistent standards and quality). We are looking for organizers/local organizing committees who are interested in locally organizing a Medicine 2.0 conference in the coming years.
Posted: 2009-09-02 More...

Information and Reminders for Presenters

Please see schedule for details on your presentation date/time/room (except posters).
Oral presenters should prepare 15 minute talks (+ 5 minute discussion). Panels may have different arrangements - contact your panel organizer (When in doubt, divide the time of your session by the number of presenters and you'll get the approximate time per presenter including discussion). Some 90 min session slots have only 3 talks - in this case presenters have 20 mins + 10 min discussion time.

We will provide a presentation laptop (PC) - presenters are asked to bring their presentation (Powerpoint file) on a USB thumb drive and copy it to the presentation laptop (at the latest in the morning or the break before their session).

Please name your file as follows:
day-room-time-lastname.ppt .
17-cr2-1330-amin.ppt refers to a presentation on the 17th, in room CR2, at 1:30 pm by the first author Amin.
18-aud-1530-dzenowagis.ppt would be a presentation in the Auditorium at 3:30 pm by Dzenowagis, and so on (see schedule).

We do have wireless Internet connection, but we advise not to rely on a working connection for presentations - prepare screenshots instead.

We will also provide extra screens showing #med2 tagged Tweets, so you can involve the audience by asking questions.

It is NOT necessary to submit PPTs in advance - bring them on a USB drive to the conference.

Poster presenters should be advised that poster boards are 6ft (wide) by 3 ft (height). Do not use push pins - velcro only! (please bring velcro tape).

Presenters at the unconference session should preferably present without Powerpoint slides, and limit their intervention to 15 min. If you plan to talk during the unconference session, please add a note at
Posted: 2009-08-31 More...

Inaugural JMIR Medicine 2.0® Award goes to PatientsLikeMe researchers

The winner of the 2009 JMIR Medicine 2.0® Award has been chosen: We are happy to announce that the inaugural JMIR Medicine 2.0® Award goes to the presentation "Patients Informing Practice: Post-Marketing Drug Data in PatientsLikeMe, an Patient-Centered Online Community" by Jeana H Frost, Sally Okun, Paul Wicks, and James Heywood.

The paper will be presented as closing keynote at the Medicine 2.0'09 conference in Toronto, on Sept 17-18th (

In the winning research abstract, Frost and colleagues describe how PatientsLikeMe, an online platform with over 40.000 members, offers a unique real-time approach to understand both utilization and performance of drugs across different populations. This patient-supplied data can provide evidence about secondary uses of drugs , or about drugs that are off-patent and therefore unlikely to be studied systematically.

The JMIR Medicine 2.0® Award is valued at US$1000 and is designed to encourage and facilitate publication of a full paper of the research in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR).

The Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR, is - with an impact factor of 3.6 - the leading and most influential peer-reviewed journal in the health informatics, ehealth, and health services disciplines, and is sponsoring an award for the best paper presented at Medicine 2.0®.

We look forward to hear Dr Frost's presentation at Medicine 2.0'09, and to read the full paper in JMIR!

About Medicine 2.0®:
The Medicine 2.0® conference ( is the leading international academic conference on social networking and Web 2.0 in health. The program for the 2009 conference is available at
Posted: 2009-08-25 More...

Important: Do not use a single account to register multiple participants

For each participant one account has to be created. Complete the profile information and then proceed to registration/payment. Do not attempt to change the profile information and to register another participant. Rather, log out and create a new account for the second participant.  
Posted: 2009-06-25 More...

Accepted Abstracts Posted

The Abstracts 2009 menu point now links to a list of abstracts accepted for 2009.

If you submitted an abstract which is NOT listed here, this doesn't necessarily mean that it has been rejected - we may also have requested some revisions before we can post the abstract.

If you are an abstract submitter, but did not get our notification email (due to spam filters etc), please read these instructions on how to retrieve our email.
Even if your abstract is listed on our site, you should login and retrieve the email/reviewer comments, as some editing may have been requested by the conference director.

IMPORTANT: As presenter you have to register by the early registration deadline, otherwise you may risk loosing your speaking slot!
Posted: 2009-06-25 More...

Early registration deadline today! (problem fixed)

We had a temporary problem with the radio buttons for early registration being disabled - the problem should be fixed now. Please register today - the early bird registration deadline will NOT be extended.  
Posted: 2009-06-25 More...

Abstract Decision Notifications sent out - IMPORTANT instructions for abstract submitters

We have now completed sending out all notifications of acceptance (or not) to all submitters of abstracts/presentation proposals. If you submitted an abstract, please read this if, in particular you did not receive that email !  
Posted: 2009-06-22 More...

!!! Deadline extension !!!

As the submission site inadvertently closed too early (8pm, instead of midnight, due to a wrong time zone setting), we have added a grace period. Submissions will close on May 20th, 2009! Follow the great submissions we got so far via RSS or on twitter, and submit your presentation proposal!  
Posted: 2009-05-16 More...

Abstract Submission Deadline

*** Last day of Abstract Submissions - today, May 15th! (extended until May 19th) ***

Just a few tips and notes regarding the last-minute abstract submission frenzy:

1) Abstract submissions will close today at midnight (UPDATE: grace period of 4 days added) - but we suggest you submit your abstract today before 4pm E.S.T. so that we can assist if something goes wrong

2) IMPORTANT: Check your email (incl spam folder) for an instant and automatic confirmation email (Submission Acknowledgment). If you did not get it, your submission might not have gone through, or you entered a wrong email address - both is not good. Contact pcairns at for technical problems.

3) It is NOT possible to edit or delete your abstract after submission. Sorry - there has been a misleading statement on the website to that effect. But you will be able to edit your abstract after peer-review/decision before it is posted.

4) Follow submissions (see what others are submitting!) at the RSS-feed in near-real time. We tried to use twitterfeed to feed those to twitter (, but it doesn't seem to be very timely or reliable.

Good luck and we look forward to your submission.
Posted: 2009-05-15 More...

Medicine 2.0 login for "old" user accounts was down on April 15/16 - should be resolved now

Users with an existing account who registered before April 2009 were unable to login with their old password on April 15/16. This should be fixed now. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.  
Posted: 2009-04-16 More...

Medicine 2.0'09 Patient Keynote Speaker featured in the Boston Globe

We are excited that Dave DeBronkart's (twitter: ePatientDave), one of the most outspoken representatives of e-patients, has agreed to deliver a keynote at Medicine 2.0'09. Working title of his presentation: "Gimme my damn data. You guys can't be trusted." His experiences were recently covered in an Boston Globe article.  
Posted: 2009-04-15 More...

JMIR Medicine 2.0 award

The Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), has announced the JMIR Medicine 2.0 Award for the best presentation at Medicine 2.0.  
Posted: 2009-04-15 More...

IMIA announces Medicine 2.0 Award

The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), has announced the IMIA Medicine 2.0 Award for the best paper at Medicine 2.0.  
Posted: 2009-04-10 More...

Note that all announcements appearing underneath this post refer to the Medicine 2.0 conference in 2008

Thanks to all participants for making Medicine 2.0'08 such a success!

After the immensely successful Medicine 2.0'08 conference on Sept 4/5th, 2008, we have now set the date for the next Medicine 2.0'09 conference: Sept 17-18, 2009 (same venue, i.e. the MaRS Centre in Toronto).
Please make a note in your calendar. See also Important Dates ( for a tentative schedule of submission deadlines etc. for next year. Hope to see you again in Toronto!

Please help us to promote next years' conference. At the bottom of the Sponsors page (and at the bottom of this news post) there are revised banners for next years' conference. Please post them on your blog, websites, and in your emails, linking back to - thank you!

Posted: 2008-09-19 More...

The Medicine 2.0'08 Proceedings have now been published at, as
well as an Multimedia Appendix in:
Eysenbach G. Medicine 2.0: Social Networking, Collaboration,
Participation, Apomediation, and Openness
J Med Internet Res 2008;10(3):e22

Printed Proceedings will be available at the congress and will be included in the conference bags.
Posted: 2008-08-30 More...

Poster presenters: Posters should be mounted by poster presenters on Thursday Sept 4 (starting at 8:30am), and taken down by Friday Sept 5, after the last coffee break (3:30pm). Poster presenters should be at their posters on Thursday during the first coffee break (10:30-11 am) for discussions. Posterboards are 6 feet wide and 3 feet tall. Only use Velcro to mount your posters, no push-pins!  
Posted: 2008-08-29 More...

There will be wireless Internet throughout the conference. There is no Internet cafe, so bring your own laptop if you need to check your email. While we have wireless Internet on the presentation laptops, presenters should make screenshots rather than relying on a working Internet connection - just in case...  
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We have assigned session chairs. Session chairs should 1) identify and contact presenters before a session starts, 2) introduce presenters, 3) keep presenters on track regarding their allotted speaking time (20 min for four presentations in a 90 min slot, or 30 min for three presentations in a 90 min slot, incl discussion, 4) stimulate discussion (eg by asking the first question), if required  
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REMINDER FOR PRESENTERS: Oral presenters should prepare 15 minute talks (+ 5 minute discussion). Some 90 min sessions have only 3 talks - in this case presenters have 20 mins + 10 min discussion time.
We will provide a presentation laptop (PC) - presenters are asked to bring their presentation (Powerpoint file) on a USB thumb drive and copy it to the presentation laptop (at the latest in the morning or the break before their session). Please name your file as follows: day-room-time-lastname.ppt . E.g. 4-cr2-1330-amin refers to a presentation on the 4th, in room CR2, at 1:30 pm by the first author Amin. 5-aud-1530-dzenowagis would be a presentation in the Auditorium at 3:30 pm by Dzenowagis, and so on (see schedule).
We do have wireless Internet connection, but we advise not to rely on a working connection for presentations - prepare screenshots instead.
It is NOT necessary to submit PPTs in advance - bring them on a USB drive to the conference.

Poster presenters should be advised that poster boards are 6ft (wide) by 3 ft (height). Do not use push pins - velcro only!.
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The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) -now Bronze sponsor of the Medicine 2.0 congress - will be presenting Asklepios at an opening talk at the Medicine 2.0 conference. Asklepios is described as a social networking site for Canadian physicians, medical students and residents in Canada, "which will be a very significant development for enabling the use of web 2.0 technologies by Canadian doctors (...) Asklepios is an online community that allows physicians to make new contacts, get advice from colleagues, and collaborate with physicians all over the country.". The talk at Medicine 2.0 presents an early first look at Asklepios.
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For those who tried to register in the past 3-4 days and got a "credit card declined" error when paying through psigate, we have to apologize.

We had a series of server outages and that had thrown some configurations into disarray, making it appear that the credit card was declined (in reality, the credit card information wasn't even sent out to the credit card processing platform).
We found and fixed the problem.

If you attempted to register / pay but wasn't successful in the past 3-4 days because the cc didn't go through with a "declined" error, please retry now. If you continue to get a credit card declined message, then there is probably a "real" credit card issue - in this case, please contact your bank or email me to seek a solution.
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Poster presenters should be advised that poster boards are 8ft (wide) by 4 ft. Bring pins or velcro to affix your poster.  
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The preliminary program schedule is now available at Presenters: Please verify that 1) your oral presentation(s) is/are listed (note: poster presentations are NOT listed here), 2) you are available for your presentation(s). Please contact us immediately if this is not the case.  
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There have been some webserver outages over the last 2 days due to a failing hard drive. We apologize.  
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BiomedCentral and the Cases Journal have been added as sponsors  
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Note that the cutoff date for the Medicine 2.0 guest room block at the Delta Chelsea hotel at Gerrard Street, which is conveniently located 5 minutes from the conference venue, has been extended to August 31st (original cutoff date was Jul 25th).

The hotel will release any rooms that have not been picked up by that date and regular hotel rates will have to be paid for any bookings made after Aug 31st. Note that due to the Toronto film festival many hotels will be at capacity in early September so the room block may fill up before Aug 31st.

If you haven't made your travel arrangements yet, please book now.
The hotels' toll free number is 1-800-243-5732, for online booking and further information see
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We are pleased to announce that MDPIXX will sponsor a "Physician 2.0 Award" for the best clinical case submitted to the MDPIXX case database.

The award consists of one Apple iPhone for the winner.

The price will be awarded during the Medicine 2.0 Congress in a public session.

Eligible for the award are medical doctors. The deadline to submit a medical case to MDPIXX is September 3rd at 12PM (CET Time).

The award will be given to the most valued case, as determined by the MDPIXX user community.
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The congress is a little over 2 months away - time to register and to look into making travel arrangements!.

1. we have begun to send out decision emails for submitted abstracts. If you submitted something and you do not hear from us by Wed, June 24th, then please first check the submit page (to see if a decision has been made), and if you don't see your abstract there, contact us urgently (perhaps your submission did not go through)

2. accepted abstracts are posted under Abstracts. You can also continue to vote for papers or "review" papers (i.e. give the author feedback to their abstract), though this will not affect any acceptance decisions

3. to take advantage of the early bird registration rates, please register before June 30th

4. Regardless of whether or not you plan to attend, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THE SOCIAL NETWORK (if you haven't done so already)

5. we are working on some very exciting keynote speakers - stay tuned!
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Please note that we also have an experimental "digg-like" voting site at where you can view ALL submitted abstracts and do a quick "thumbs-up/thumbs-down" vote for submitted abstracts. You may also volunteer to peer-review the abstracts. For technical problems regarding your login please contact

Authors of submitted abstract should hear from us around June 20th regarding acceptance of their abstract.

Secondly, we have set up a social network for conference participants and reviewers at Please take a few minutes to add your profile to the network and revisit the site regularly to connect with the people you want to meet at the conference.

Finally, please note that the early registration deadline is June 30th.
To register, please go to

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Medicine 2.0 website officially released (and first wave of PR campaign launched). Please help disseminating information on this conference by putting banners listed at the bottom of the sponsors' page on your website or blog.  
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Medicine 2.0 website (beta) launched.  
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